Breakfast With The Beatles
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A quick note about my wife...

I met Allyson after dating nothing but California girls for ten years. I realized I needed a Jersey girl to bring me back to my "roots"....and like magic she appeared at a party I was throwing for one of the Dramarama guys who was moving back East. We have been together for the last fourteen years (married for the last ten). While she happens to be a bit more Rolling Stones than Beatles (please forgive her)... she seems to be coming around (I caught her listening to All Things Must Pass the other day!) Anyway...Allyson was in the music biz for almost fifteen years working as a sales executive at MCA, Universal, and Disney before taking a year off when we had our daughter Nicole (who likes the Beatles much more than the Stones!).

Allyson is in Residential Real Estate with Rodeo Realty. If she represents you on a property, you are guaranteed a request a week for a year!

Wanna buy a house?

Contact me:
Allyson Carter
Rodeo Realty
Broker Associate / Estates Director
Cell phone: 818-486-4662