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In the mid- nineties I had the idea to make a documentary film about my buddy Rodney Bingenheimer. I wanted to do this for a number of reasons. First and foremost I thought his life story was so full of Rock'n'Roll history both from Rodney as a witness and as a participant that it was a tale that needed to be told. And secondly I felt I owed him big-time for discovering our group and thus changing my life forever. Since I had never made a film myself (I had certainly watched enough) I found filmmaker George Hickenlooper (Hearts Of Darkness: The Making Of Apocalypse Now) and convinced him that this should be his next project. Seven years later the film was finished. We ended up with a "who's who" of rock'n'pop' culture with a cast that included David Bowie, Alice Cooper, Courtney Love, Oasis, Coldplay, Green Day, Blondie, Brian Wilson, Doors, Pistols, and even Cher! Overall it was a homerun. We won all kinds of awards (Best Documentary of the Year in Santa Barbara Film Festival) and the film was even screened at the trendy New York Film Festival at Lincoln Center. The DVD is available w/ bonus footage. God Bless Rodney...I still love ya buddy.

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